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Chris brings extensive education and experience to his work as a Realtor. In 2003, he started his real estate career as an appraiser, working in both Gallatin County and Park County. His expertise ranges from complex, whole-market analysis to the intricacies of income capitalization. If you want to understand the local real estate market or a specific property, Chris is your Realtor.

Selling or buying real estate is a significant decision in anyone’s life, whether it’s your first home, you’re looking for income-producing property or moving equity to a more profitable investment.  It’s a lot of money.  And it can be stressful.  With broad life and professional expertise, Chris ensures buyers and sellers benefit from his calm, reasoned approach to a real estate transaction. 

Chris is a graduate of Tulane University and Montana State University.  He is a former U.S. Navy Special Operations Officer (Diving and Salvage) and he is a James Madison Fellow.  Nearly 20 years after moving to Montana, Chris and his wife continue to live their dream in Bozeman with two teenage daughters, a Newfoundland named Charlie and a Bernese Mountain Dog named Lebowksi.

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